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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jelly with a twist..

With our summer here, well sort of, I’m craving my favourite cooling summer jellos. Not to everyone's taste but healthy to boot!

Agar agar: Also known as Kanten is derived from a bright
red sea vegetable. The fronds are freeze dried and
dehydrated naturally, producing colorless sheets. It is
available from Asian grocers in traditional bars, flakes &
powder. Like other sea vegetables, agar is a good source of
iodine as well as some calcium and iron. It has no calories &
is said to promote digestion. It is cooling in nature, soothing
& slightly laxative to the colon as described in Ayurveda.


STONEFRUIT JELLOS…Makes 4 latte glasses
3 cups fresh fruit juice of your choice
1 teaspoon agar agar powder
4 fresh ripe stone fruit (1/4’s) –cherries or berries can substitute.

8 mint leaves

Sprinkle the agar agar powder in the fruit juice, whisk lightly to combine & slowly heat the fruit juice until just hot. It’s very important to heat the juice to hot, it activates the agar agar. Let the hot liquid cool slightly then evenly distribute the stone fruit ¼’s between the 4 glasses. Add the mint leaves, whole or lightly torn & fill with the now cooling juice. If you leave it too long, it will set & become unmanageable. Refrigerate till set-around 2 hours.
The jellos can also be turned out to serve, adding extra fruits & yoghurt to garnish.

Agar agar will never have the smooth bouncy texture like gelatine set jellies. Expect a slightly cellulose & firm texture plus once it's set-it stays set. Be careful of how many you eat in one day, as they really do promote digestion….

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