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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A dodgy doggie perspective..

There are just so many ways to look at any situation. Yesterday we stopped at our local IGA. I wandered in to pick up some supplies while my partner, lets call him Mr B, is sitting in the car with Zuki relaxing in the back of the ute.

The story was related to me like this..A family of tourists wandered down the road & spotted our wet pooch in the back of the ute. The father looks over & says, “Look at that poor cold wet dog sitting in that ute.” The family looks over with disgust. Now Zuki loves nothing better than pandering to an audience. So spying a good opportunity, he puts on his best ‘poor me’ look. Shopping in hand, I greet Zuki as I head to the car. He has a big toothy grin, ears up & tail wagging. So why does he look so happy with himself? He’s just been swimming in the Huon river & that’s why he’s still wet & now exhausted!

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