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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Building a ‘poly-tunnel’..

With a good collection of useful second-hand bits, it’s time to build our version of a ‘poly tunnel’. I’m guessing that building with oddments won’t be the quickest or easiest way but it will be cost effective. This is a small initial experiment until we increase our water storage.


Step 1: The cut…Step 2: Basic framing.
PB270015 (2)
Step 3: Path, window, door &’s ready for the plastic.
Finally finished: Plastic, weather boards & batons in place.
PC050057 PC050062
It’s taken two days of fiddley back breaking work to stretch the plastic, fix the batons & frame the window with weather boards. Our recycled galvanised hoops were slightly buckled. Tensioning the plastic so it was even & tight proved extremely difficult. There’s no easy way, it takes time, especially with two perfectionists at work-possibly 4 to 5 hands on deck would be easier. We picked a hot day for the plastic to flex but there’s a fine line between stretching, stressing, tearing or puncturing the plastic. The staple gun got rejected for rolling the plastic edges & nailing to fix-my hammering skills improved very quickly.

This was really a bit of fun to see how cheaply we could make our tip shop recycled ‘poly tunnel’.  White shade cloth is next on our shopping list as the garden beds were registering 29C on an average warm day.
The plastic was cut to size & purchased from Access Plastics in Derwent Park, Hobart.
And our bottom line: Completed for under $100!

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  1. Fantastic! I can't wait to see it. You will be able to sun dry tomatoes in there later too.


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