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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ants that have bite!

Before moving to Tassie, I never gave ants a second thought. 
But then I got stung by a Jack Jumper.
My gawd forget bee stings, these aggressive ants sting with a venom & cause Anaphylactic shock for some people. At the very least; you'll have an extremely sore & swollen spot for a week or so after a sting. So without this in mind, I donned trakkies, sandals & venture to the garden. Five minutes later an angry ant crawls inside my pants & stings me.
From: www.wikipedia.orgUnsure of the best antidote, I coat the sting with honey & tea-tree oil. The honey gives some relief but doesn’t do much for the swelling. Five days later, it’s still swollen & very itchy.
Here’s a few stats to shock….Jack Jumper ants cause more Tasmanian deaths than spiders, snakes, wasps, and sharks combined. In Tassie, the Jack Jumper is responsible for more cases of anaphylaxis than bee stings. It is estimated that between 2-3% of Tasmanians are allergic to Jack Jumper ants and the reaction can be life threatening in about half of these people.

I now understand the anxiety of a five year old friend, who looks out for the ants in his garden. My second sting was more painful than the first as the sensitivity to repeat stings may persist for many years. If anyone has some good remedies for stings, I’d be interested to know. Meanwhile I think Goulds Naturopathica might be my next port of call.


  1. Possible remedies to relieve the sting: Vinegar, red wine & rubbing a cut onion over the bite.

  2. Yet another remedy: Break off a piece of young tender bracken & rub over the bite. Works the best we have been told. I'm assuming where you have ants you also have bracken. We sure have a hill of ants & also bracken!


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