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Friday, October 15, 2010

Volunteering @ the folk festival..

The Cygnet folk festival is a distinctive southern Tasmanian community & cultural event. A committed group of locals: volunteer to coordinate & plan all stages of the festival during the previous year.  It's a big job for those involved & during the festival they rely on additional conscientious volunteers, to pull it all together. 

A couple of years ago, we volunteered at the festival & had a totally fabulous time. What a thrill; to soak up the vibe, meet the musicians & then go to their gigs.

Feeling more adventurous, this last festival, we volunteered & billeted a couple of musicians. A few days before, we ran around making beds in country shacks for the larger groups coming down. Billeting is fun, it really stretches our comfort zone. Our last billet, Kate, enjoyed herself & our hospitality so much, she asked to come back. This next festival will be more of the same for us, plus more pre-involvement in upcoming months. Festival friendships have been made & we’re looking forward to the frenzy of activity come January.

Last year, I waited until the volunteers meeting was advertised in the local paper, before registering. That wasn’t my best idea, I nearly missed out altogether. I had underestimated the dedicated band of local, Hobart & interstate volunteers, willing to work the festival & have a jolly great time.

Don’t delay registering, it’s highly addictive fun…
Cygnet folk festival 14-16th January 2011.

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