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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Water Tanks..

Buying a rain-water tank is an expensive purchase. There’s the decision between buying stainless, galvanised or poly tanks & with so many options, it’s hard going deciding what to do.

A year ago we purchased two large Poly tanks. We’re always concerned about delivery here. Access is problematic, not every vehicle or truck can manage the steep factor. So with this in mind, we go with a small tank company. The choice of tank is organised onsite. Next day, we organise for our ute to tow them up the driveway. I am shocked that the tanks have been slightly damaged in transit & the supplier isn’t interested as he’s been pre-paid. With an expensive delivery cost & dirty plastic residue left inside the tank. I am most definitely not happy!

We’re now, tentatively, in the market for another tank. We drive to Sorell to personally view & talk tanks. We narrow it down to; two similarly priced companies in the area. They both stock single cast tanks, we’re told they’re stronger than the corrugated-style poly moulds. A week later, I send a friend & his trailer to pick up the tank. Cash in hand, our company of choice talks him out of buying one. “It will damage in transit and we wouldn’t be happy about selling you a damaged tank,” they say. Ok, that’s probably what happened before; we decide to go with their reasonably priced delivery option.

The next day our tank arrives, effortlessly up the driveway. It’s in pristine condition, spotlessly clean inside & ready to roll. The driver places it on the tank base & has a last check over it. I love that they’ve included a roll of plumbers tape with the extra fittings for the tank, it’s a nice touch. Great customer service, PineCrest, I’m very happy with our new tank….

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