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Monday, October 4, 2010

Qigong Master comes to Cygnet..


A dedicated group turned out for Cygnet’s first weekend workshop with  Sydney Qigong Master Simon Blow. What followed were two wonderful days of learning, friendship, great food & fun.

Saturday starts with Simon’s intro & a brief background on Qigong philosophy. Pretty soon I realise that we’re in for something special. Simon’s teaching style is relaxed, clear, positive & easy to follow. Our group is a great mix of people & ages from all over Southern Tasmania. Slowly we learn the flowing sets of movements; restoring natural harmony. These relate to the five elements & corresponding organ meridians of the body.

Sunday we revise, refine & learn the additional elements that make up the sequence. By late in the day, our group of beginners, intermediate to advanced is certainly flowing in total unison & harmony. It’s a beautiful thing & Simon has gently but quickly managed to teach us a most complex set of movements. What a fabulous teacher.

In the pipeline are other weekend workshops & the possibility of a non-residential retreat in early 2012. Simon was a pleasure to meet, exuding passion, peace, humility & compassion.

A big heartfelt thanks must go to Sylvia & Amanda for their efforts, teachings & passion on a weekly basis. We’re very lucky to have you in Cygnet & don’t we know it!!!

For details of local classes see:The Classifieds or various noticeboards around Cygnet.

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