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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Party in our birdbath..



Our birdbath is a hive of ‘birdie’ activity. Zuki is flat out wondering what’s so fantastic about it. He chases the birds away & peers into the bowl. That’s until I see him doing it, he’s not allowed to. We love our bird-watching & how significantly the birdlife changes with each season.


Here’s a snapshot of what’s flying past me today:

  • Welcome Swallows
  • Grey Currawongs
  • Laughing Kookaburras-our two resident.
  • Masked Woodswallows
  • Yellow-throated Honeyeaters
  • Eastern Spinebills 
  • Wedge-tailed Eagles
  • Strong-billed Honeyeaters
  • Spotted Pardalotes
  • Blue-cheeked Rosellas
  • Silvereyes

There’s a strange tapping/drumming noise coming from behind the shed. I remove my shoes & silently tip-toe over. Caught in the act is a Grey Shrike-thrush jumping around in an old tumble dryer cylinder, pecking at it’s own reflection. It’s been going on for months…the mystery is finally solved.

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