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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carob creations..

Carob is under rated, under utilised & a favourite ingredient. Years ago, I had the pleasure of doing a promotion for Macarob (see Foodie link) in Burra. They had released a range of quality Australian carob products. Already a fan, the syrup & powder were fabulous & superior to anything on the market. These days, if unable to access their products, I use a middle-eastern carob molasses, bought locally.
What can you do with carob?
  • Carob smoothie-for one person vitamise a frozen peeled banana, milk, yoghurt, carob powder & honey to taste. The secret to a great textured smoothie is pre-freezing the fruit.
  • Cakes-carob together with dates or raisins is a divine match.
  • Carob & oat biscuits-make with carob syrup or powder.
  • Quail & carob is bellissimo. Marinated the quails in a small drizzle of carob syrup, EVOO & BBQ or lightly panfry.
  • Carob & almond brownies-use powder & carob chip pieces. 
  • Carob pancakes/crepes, slices & bliss balls.
  • Bread making-adds flavour & colour to wholemeal or rye breads.
With care carob can generally be substituted for chocolate but the texture may differ. Careful experimentation is the key. Interested in the science of Ayurveda: Carob is by nature light, dry, sweet & astringent. I have posted a recipe below for carob, almond & raisin fudge cakettes…fabulous when eaten warm…have fun!
          Additional smoothie info: Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mangoes & bananas are great fruits to freeze for fruit flavoured smoothie. These can be added to a juice or milk base. Smoothies are very cooling on warm summer days..
          EVOO: extra virgin olive oil…

          Bake 180C/12-15mins.....Makes 8-10 mini cakettes..(use muffin tray)
          120g organic butter
          160g syrup (maple, rice or barley malt etc)
          2 large eggs
          2 cups organic plain flour
          100g raisins
          dash of vanilla paste or vanilla bean seeds
          1/2 cup carob powder
          1/2 cup hot water
          1 cup organic yoghurt
          1 teaspoon baking powder
          1/4 teaspoon cinnamon or cassia
          1/4 cup sliced almonds-used as garnish
          Line muffin tray with greaseproof paper rounds to
          stop the bases sticking. Spray well or lightly oil.
          Cream butter, syrup & vanilla well. Add eggs slowly & 
          continue to mix. Mix carob & hot water to a paste. Add
          the paste to egg mix along with all ingredients except
          almonds & raisins. Fold in raisins & fill moulds to 3/4 mark 
          & stud with almonds. Bake.
          Serve warm with vanilla infused yoghurt...

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