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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A 'white' valley view..

Week one of spring; I'm outside in a tee & marvelling at my post winter garden. So different from last years soggy mess & after months of neglect, my garden is thriving with life. The sorrel, sage, celery & kale have doubled in size. Digging around a bit, I check out the new growth & plant a wandering pratia & dusky native pea. I pull a few weeds & prune the 'animal proof' pelagonium & lemon scented geranium.

This season I'm armed with two new books- Practical Australian Gardener by Peter Cundall & Growing Vegetables South of Australia by Steve Soloman. Gardening in Tassie still baffles me, the books will help. Planting times seem to change each year & regions often have different eco-climates. There can also be a five or more degree difference just 500 metres from our patch. So it's best that I follow my gut feeling in fractious spring. Collecting old twigs, I rig up a pea support but hold off planting the peas, just in case it rains. Excess garden bits successfully composted, I finish for the day & survey my mini progress. Looks great & I'm happy with it...
Next morning the valley is misty & white. There's zero visibility & pouring rain, 40ml later it's still raining.  What a soggy garden but our tanks are slowly filling. It rains all day & long into the next. The pea packet is still on the table waiting for my attention. Meanwhile I've been researching for my next plantings- mizuna, cumquat & bokchoy float to the top of my to-do list today. It's another beautiful sunny Tasmanian day, so I leg it out to the garden....
The Franklin goat crew

And later..I visited some cute furry babies...not mine though but maybe one day soon!

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