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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday bling, after the storms...

Last week was freezing, wet, hailing, snowing (in parts) & we had howling south westerlies pummelling the house. Finally on Saturday the sun broke through. 
It's most definitely time to get out of the house...
Our destination, the Kingston rotary market, ten minutes south of Hobart. The wind is blowing, so it's not a large turnout of stalls but there's plenty of second hand treasures to browse. Books, plants, jewellery, wood products, clothes, bric-a-brac & garden ornaments. I pounce on a tray of vintage costume jewellery, oops bought half of it. Sorry girls!
Driving out of Kingston, through Blackman's bay, we stumble on a dog 'off leash' area on Howden's bay, it's rocky & perfect for a chilly, doggie swim. Down the road & Margate train is brimming with people, the antique shop is an hour of browsing gorgeous pieces at great prices. With our house renovations looming, research is proving easy today & finding second hand pieces that we can re-work, is cool. But more fun in Margate looms, with the tip shop just down the road. I sit this one out & Zuki is looking over it too. He hates 'stuff' in his space & with alpaca 'poo', a small stainless kitchen bench, recycled wood & bolts in the back with him, he's not a happy camper. It's been an excellent, recycled, day out. Zuki looks relieved to be near home & I get to prep dinner on my 'new' stainless steel bench..ripper rita!

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