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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Post..Gyuto Monks in Hobart..

Sand Mandala

We arrived on Saturday, to see the younger monks outside gazing happily skyward. The Roulettes were formation flying over Hobart's waterfront; doing spectacular aerobatics. 

Once inside, Gen Lama the elder of the monks, spoke in his native tongue. In his 70's & looking years younger, we were amazed to hear he was a '59er'. An affectionate term for the sixty monks who followed, HH Dalai Lama in 1959 to exile in India. I could only vaguely imagine what he'd been through in Tibet's turmoil.  But there he was in front of us, radiating a strong presence of patience, knowledge & peace of mind. 

Sonam, the  translator, is clear, funny, sincere & keeps everyone listening with his lively repartee. The talk for today: 'Tackling life head on', reminds us to lighten up, work with what you have, or if you don't like what you have...then change it. Not possible to change it, then acceptance is the key to peace of mind. Too much worrying & putting out anxiety will only keep you on the treadmill of misery. Good sensible advice...

Including their retreat, the monks were in Hobart for 14 days. The daily program included such treats as; their answer to Master chef-Momo making, Culture for kids, Jab Khru Ceremony, Pet Puja & animal blessing plus teachings, talks & meditation, by donation mostly. It was wonderful to gaze out on Hobart's waterfront & have access to such practical wisdom. I wish I'd had a chance to take Zuki dog to be blessed, he's pretty enthusiastic, the monks would have loved him...maybe next time they're in town..

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