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Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter wonderland..

Winter in Tasmania: right now it feels like Spring.
Gloriously warm, sunny & still days have been the norm this year. I do feel a bit guilty if I stay indoors: my garden beckons temptingly out of my window.

Only last week; I was basking in this unseasonal sunshine, working hard on my Vitamin D levels & enjoying the novelty of wearing a T-shirt. My borage is flowering & the blossoms are also out. Spring is just around the corner & you never know what it will bring. It can be a pain & it's not my favourite season. Volatile, changeable, wet & windy-cold. You start longing for warmth.
My first snow '08
Back to Winter; finally a cold snap has arrived. Driving over Woodbridge Hill earlier, it was trying to snow. Suddenly; all was calm & the rain floated to white. Around the next bend, we glimpsed the impressive snow capped Hartz mountain range. There's probably still a chance, we'll get some snow. Cause I've missed the Tasmanian hibernation, or cabin fever this season; being snuggled up with all of my books.

So no complaints here, we're enjoying the rains and it looks like it may snow tonight, after all....

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