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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A shimmy in the Huon..

Belly dancing in Hobart; I miss it & wish I could do it here. But then, to my surprise, I find it's been quietly going on & in nearby Franklin too.
So on a chilly August night, I grab a friend, we dig out our hip scarf & head to the Palais for our first lesson. It's five years since my last shimmy, things have gotten a bit outta shape. Coordination, movement & technique are pretty average but then we're laughing so hard we can't concentrate anyway. Val our teacher shows extreme patience with our unruly 'dance'.

The following day. I feel sore in every moving muscle, I just make it to our couch.
By week two; I can at least muster some sense of rhythm, mimic a routine & not run out of breathe. At this rate, with 8 more classes to go, I hope to be dancing like a champion, in my own special way, that is.

But where are all the Huon girls? We desperately need girls for the beginners classes to run. If you've had previous experience then the advanced classes could be for you.
Belly dancing is a celebration of the female form, totally addictive fun and a great way to unwind from the modern pressures of life.
So come on girls, lets support it..otherwise if you don't use it-you lose it & in more ways than one!

Anyone wanting to come to a class, leave a comment & I will redirect you to Val.

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