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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rain, glorious rain....

Yesterday was so rained all day long.
It's our first decent rain since 38mm in February.
By this morning, we have recorded a whopping 56mm.
At least, we didn't get the full on storms that lashed Victoria.
Just good old fashioned, plain wonderful rain!
Our patch is looking clean & green from the soaking.
I celebrated with a 5 minute shower, what a treat!
And the very best benefit, we definately don't need
to buy any water in now!                            

Previously I thought Tassie was very wet. Maybe it is on the
West coast but not down in the far south. More rainwater tanks
are planned, so we can catch every drop.Apparently Tasmania
is the next driest state after SA..

Someone else has been having some wet muddy fun.
And he wondered why he couldn't come inside last night.
Looked pretty sorry for himself too. He's just about to get
a hose down & yippie it's starting to rain again.........

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