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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My garden of eden..

Dinner tonight will be: homemade pasta with rocket & sunflower seed pesto. My rocket is thriving with all this cold weather. It's time for a cull & to check out my wet garden. I have this thing for herbs, they're easily grown & require very low water. This silverhill patch boasts many varieties- Chervil, parsley, sage, rosemary, chives, salad burnett, oregano, angelica, thyme & marjoram. In between my herbs are silverbeet, mustard greens, rocket, chard and raddiciou. I've picked the easily grown greens too. Am I just lazy? ...Probably. I'm no slave to my garden.

Flavour, texture & colour all mean something to me but there's also the thrill of picking a fresh leaf just when you need it. No wastage, no fuss & no money...coool!
On our acreage, we boast my smallest vegie plot ever. Why? Because we have every bouncing Native animal know to man. Quolls, bettongs, pademelons & wallabies; some I can't even identify, they're too quick. Everything has to be netted & fenced so there aren't any entry points. That way; the possums don't stand a chance. Believe me they're crafty, if it comes to a free feed. This year the rabbits are in plague proportions. Huon house-braised Dijon rabbit with gnocchi is starting to feel like a good idea.

As for my pesto, no recipe just loads of washed rocket. Processed with extra virgin olive oil, local garlic, white pepper & sea salt. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice, handful of sunflower seeds and Grana padano to taste. (parmesan)
By adding the parmesan, just before you serve. It keeps a fresh grassy-chlorophyll flavour, right to the table. Yumo....

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