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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving forward; outside the polling booth.

Polling day started off wetter than wet-cold, grey & soggy. Last week it seemed like a good idea to volunteer. But panic was fast setting in with this pelting rain. There was no backing out. I was due outside the polling booth in one hour, to hand out how to vote leaflets.
Layered in warm clothing, I set off. Half an hour later, in true Tassie form, out came the sun & off came some layers. Then the weather gods continued to shine for the rest of the day.

Weather aside, I had a really interesting day. Along with the other volunteers; we were a noisy, positive upbeat bunch. Meeting & greeting everyone coming to vote, with a smile & odd cheeky comment. Surprisingly, people were polite. I was heckled once and we were nearly bowled over by an angry pensioner on his 'coal driven' gopher. He seemed generally angry with the world and we were his sitting ducks. Apart from my duties- people watching & dog patting keep me on my toes. And there were, of course, an endless supply of friends & locals to say hello to.

After my shift, I was offered the chance to scrutineer after voting closed. A quiet night at home watching the results unfold, won out in the end. I'll definitely volunteer at another federal election. Whenever that is. But right now it's proving most interesting watching the two major parties deal with the independents. I hope we're on the brink of a more mature & progressively honest new era in Australian politics.

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