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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gyuto Monks of Tibet in Hobart..

Long Gallery, in Hobart, was the venue for the Gyuto monks previous visit in 2008. We attended the Jab Kru Healing Ceremony, the gallery was packed with people. A humbling experience; it was a divinely-peaceful day that stayed with us.

In 2008 there was talk of the monks not visiting Tasmania again. This was mainly due to the expense of getting down here. Donations/offerings, don't go far these days.Thankfully they've made the effort to grace us with their presence. I hope we can show them some of the same priceless-effort. See you there...

For further details....Gyuto House Australia

The Zhambhala Wish Fulfilling Tour of Australia 2010
Hobart, Tasmania
Friday 3rd Sept - Wednesday 15th Sept

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