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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun & food @ Salamanca market...

It's time for a city fix, so we're off to my favourite Hobart market. 
I usually prefer the markets in winter. When the tourist numbers are low.
But you need to rug up, the breeze from snow capped Mt Wellington, can be chilly!

Pitt stop 1: 
My favourite recycled clothes stall.
I Love their hand knitted, brightly coloured woollen jumpers..

Pitt stop 2:
Is it too cold for a local organic icecream today?

Pitt stop 3:
A spot of fresh vegie shopping at the Hmong stalls.

The last Pitt stop:
At Summer Kitchens fabulous food van.
They only sell their chilli bean pies with a dollop
of fresh chutney at the market!
Organic & from the Huon valley.
Yum, yum & double yum....

Well, that's pretty good self control for today.
Normally, I'm overloaded with plants, seeds & wood products too.
A lil tip: take plenty of money, the atm queues are long & slow.
And allow half a day, for relaxed waterfront fun.
Salamanca's a great market, I can't wait for my next visit!!

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