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Friday, August 13, 2010

Fantastic Friday!!

Today we're up & ready to go at 7.30am.
Zuki's bundled into the car. We drive to our local organic vegie farm. It's August, so there's a crowd looking for a top up; to supplement their own vegie gardens. You gotta be on it. I get what I came here for: fennel bulb, red cabbage, celeriac, broccoli, spring onions & chilli are quickly bundled into my basket.
No time to stop. Nine am is Taichi where I revive, relax & reconnect...Post taichi. I am serenely energised & indulge in a chai at the Lotus, it's buzzing as usual.
By now my day is really starting to move...

Over at a Kate's, she connects her trailer & we head down a narrow dirt road. I'm pretty sure
we're going the right way, great, there's the sign for the abattoir up ahead. It looks deserted, "hello", we tentatively say, eventually we find a friendly obliging bloke. He fills our trailer full of blood n bone, beautiful! Just ahead we see the nursery & stop to buy a few local native Tasmanian plants. Yet another quick stop where we pick up our weekly organic dry goods & look at a productive waterfront garden near Port Cygnet.

Finally back at Kate's, we lunch while our dogs frolic. Zuki is swimming in her dam while Pickles is wondering what the fuss is all about. I still have to visit the butchers, op shop, library, IGA & PO. So I opt out of picking up the hay & send out help to grab it.
At home, exhausted but happy, I look in the back of the ute. Fabulous, I am in full garden heaven & there wasn't a chain hardware store or any plastic packaging anywhere in sight...
But I'm left wondering: what ever happened to my very quiet country life!

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