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Monday, August 2, 2010

Chook, chook, chook & a dog!

Ok, it's official, our dog is chook obsessed!
It all started one day, while staying at friends. A hen panicked at the sight of our dog. She flew the coupe, all hell broke loose. The end result, one dog with a mouth full of chook! "Oops, I didn't think that through", said the look on his face. He knew he was in big bikkie trouble. The hen was then promptly dropped. But the evidence was stuck all round his big hairy mouth.

........then came Lizzie.
One morning we awoke, to find a prize winning chook on our front deck. She moved in alright. She followed him everywhere, then followed me everywhere. Two weeks in, she was driving us spare. Each morning she pecked at the front door. She settled in & started to share. She was eating his food & pecking his bones. Zuki was now pretty stressed. One day she hopped on his back, for a quick nap. We gave her away, to restore our status quo.

........and then came the free-ranging clan from next door.
A year on, there's five of them, waiting outside the front door. What is it with chooks!
But, by now, our dog is fascinated. He knows he can't touch them & they don't look like a dog. He follows while they peck for food. If you throw them a scrap, he's eating it too. The rooster gets anxious about a dog rounding up his girls. "Where's your chook, chook, chook", I say. Like a rocket he runs, with a rooster in hot, fast pursuit. A week later and there's no sign of his chooks. He's at our side boundary. Discreetly he looks between the trees & wonders where his free-ranging clan can be.......

So I guess we'll always have visiting chooks.......pity we'll never have any eggs!

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