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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's that dog doing?

He's flat out sleeping, of course!

Zuki our bouncy Border Collie X, hails from the dog's home.
We were, at first, quite tentative about going down that road.
What if; all the dogs looked desperate, could we leave without choosing one.

Zuki was 9 months old, three of those had been spent behind bars.
From that first pat we clicked immediately, he was such a friendly dog. 
We popped him on hold, the staff had to be sure we could 
cope with such an energetic dog.
It gave us time to also be sure. Meanwhile our soon to be dog.
Got a half page spread & his photo in the weekend paper. 
How cute, what a star & now everyone wanted him!
Boy!, that was a stressful weekend. We didn't realise he was already ours.

Full credit must go to the dogs home. It was a feel good experience. There were so many 
gorgeous dogs & puppies. Staff were helpful & the friendly volunteer dog walkers
were able to give us valuable information about his personality. 
I loved the bush setting, colourful murals & clean thoughtful spaces for the dogs. 

To be honest, the first six months were at times challenging.
Zuki was stubborn, free spirited & prone to wandering.  
But we soon turned a corner & he settled to become the
obedient, kooky & inquisitive dog that we love today.

He's a lucky dog, life's pretty cruisey here. 
There's bees to chase, wood to sort & his valley to watch over.
But for me, the best thing about having a dog. 
Is a reminder; to chill out, be happy & live in the present moment 
...because that's all we ever have!
Yep, happiness is definitely a Border Collie X.....
ZuKi- to punch
-fast, forward movement....

To adopt a dog today

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  1. Zuki is one of the nicest dogs I know and definitely Pickle's hero!


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